The hourly labor rate is $109.95 an hour plus parts, paint, materials & supplies.

Rotisserie Restoration

Ol’ Skool Classics is one of few car restoration shops that uses a rotisserie.  This gives us the ability to mount your car and easily repair rusted out floors, rusted out frame rails, quarter panels and more.  The rotisserie also allows the frame or body to be painted and to undercoat the complete underside of your car where a lot of other shops cannot do.  From previous restorations we have found to do a restoration properly, a rotisserie is required.

Frame off Restorations

This is a restoration in which the body of the vehicle is lifted off the frame and the vehicle is completely disassembled.  Every part is cleaned, rebuilt and/or replaced as necessary.

Pickup & Delivery

Pickup and delivery is available.


If you have your own parts, we will install them for you. We just ask that you do your research and purchase the correct parts. If you need help with purchasing parts, just ask. All parts and subbed out work will be paid for in advance.  Customer supplied parts are not covered under our warranty.